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 The Rules. You WILL Read them.

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The Rules. You WILL Read them. Empty
PostSubject: The Rules. You WILL Read them.   The Rules. You WILL Read them. EmptyWed Oct 27, 2010 1:58 am

Welcome to QLD Nerf. The ultimate foum for Nerfing activists in Queensand.
To make your stay more enjoyable please follow these rules and guidelines.

-Ages 10+, and -25
-No spamming and making useless posts and topics
-No Bullying, Trolling and flaming
-No porn
- No swearing
-No plagiarism
-No racist language
-Don't ask silly/useless questions
-Don't call people by their real name, unless you KNOW that they will not mind.
-Stay on topic.
-Use Correct Spelling and Grammar.
-No Posting in topics where the last post was 4 or more months ago.
-No multiple accounts.
-No multi posting, unless it is really worth it.
-Signatures are to be text only

OzNerf uses a Strike system. Breaking theses rules will land you a strike, 3 strikes and you're banned for 2 weeks. Anymore rule breaking and you will be permanently banned.

Note: If there is some gross misbehaviour or not following any of the Administrators' decisions or directions, you may be subject to an on-the-spot ban. This ban is however long the Admin decides.

Now take the time to read over some of these guidelines, they will help you from getting into trouble.

Spelling and Grammar
Is it really that hard to use post using real English? This isn't instant messaging, you have time to type out a well thought out post. Posting something like: “lol guiez I have recon and ar remuve do I gud nurfer pwnz” will get you no respect. On a web forum the only way people can make judgment on who you are is in the way you type, so if your typical posting habits consist of mashing your face on the keyboard, people will think your stupid and they will treat you like an idiot.

Useful topics
Before making a topic, consider this: has this topic already been made. Use the search function to find out, or check the stickied threads. If you're feeling egotistic about your brand new toy and you want to show it off, Take a pic and post it in the Post pictures of your guns thread. Avoid making whole topics asking where to buy a specific gun. Look through the Available Nerf blasters in Australiathread instead. If you can't find it, they probably don't sell it.

Relevant topic titles
Make sure you use relevant titles on your topics. be specific about what is in the thread. It makes it easier to search for the topic in future. Instead of putting something like: Recon or bad luser gun cs-69. use something like: Recon brass breaching guide.

No swearing. Why? Because there are young children browsing this site.

Make sure you check the date of the last post in a topic, before you post in it. Any longer than 4 months and you'd better not do it. If its something like an old writeup and you need some help, your better off sending that person a personal message.

Keep them text only. Why? It keeps the pages loading faster.

Multi Posting
Basically it means posting more than once in a row. Its best to avoid this, but in some cases I'll allow it if you have a good reason. Eg:
I need help with moddding my recon, what does this piece do?

Oh don't worry I worked it out.

But if its something like this:
I need help with moddding my recon, what does this piece do?

Please Help!!!!!1111!!!!one1111uno11111!!!!!1
That is not allowable.

But the most important rule is:
Think before you post

Thank you for OBEYING these rules.


Courtesy of Roger Explosion on OzNerf

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The Rules. You WILL Read them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Rules. You WILL Read them.   The Rules. You WILL Read them. EmptyWed Oct 27, 2010 2:11 am

ADMIN why did you view my thing 10 times

EDIT: Dont use my real name. And, I dont think you get the idea of the rules... you just read them, and yet here you are, breaking two of them.

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The Rules. You WILL Read them.
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